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Ep. 53 Biez & Lacey

We are excited to have comedians Erick Biez and Shapel Lacey here for the first time. We talk about live performance, crust punks, cheerleading, and more Read more →


Ep. 3 Confessions

Amberly and Jesse have their first guest in the third episode of Confessions. David Drew stops by to talk about his time in the Catholic church. Read more →


Ep. 52 SOTH Swapcast

We welcome back Bart Dangus and Abigail Lynch from Somewhere O’er The Hill (sothpodcast.com) for our second swapcast. We’re talking about Detroit, stand up comedy, podcasting, heat peanuts and more. Read more →

Vampyre cover

Ep. 51 Vampyre

We have Zach Ingram, Bryan Davis, and Brandon Brooker from Austin, Texas’s Vampyre here in town in between shows. We talk about their upcoming show with Illustrations, playing in the Texas music scene, and their new album Death Dream Kingdom. Read more →


Ep. 50 The big Five-0

We’re celebrating our 50th episode with Colson Miller, Jordan Owen, Sophie Opich, Cydney Guess, Maxx Mayberry, and Josh Bodnar. We’re talking about Petty Things, Nanami Ozone, and The Spoiled album release. Read more →


Ep. 49 Jayarr & Anwar

We have Jayarr Steiner with us for the first time along with Anwar Newton to talk about Jayarr Customs, his role in Literally The Worst Show Ever, meeting your idols, and creativity. Read more →


Ep. 48 Anwar, Chase & Nate

We’re leading up to the 50th episode with a few former guests. We’re chatting about Literally The Worst Show Ever Vol.6, Madonna, and being way too drunk with Anwar. Then we talk about Gatecreeper’s recent move to Relapse Records and Spirit Adrift with Chase and Nate. Read more →


Ep. 2 Confessions

On the second episode of Confessions of a Religious Dropout we discuss feedback we received from our friend Daniel. Hosted by Amberly Schoonover and Jesse Upshaw. Read more →