December 29th 2014

Hello! Welcome to the first blog entry for this beautiful new website. Mega thank you’s to Ian Kelman of Huckleberry fame for volunteering his services and doing the work on the online front. It’s great to be able to start the new year with a whole new side to the podcast. I haven’t released an episode since Texas for no one particular reason. After recording in Texas with the Tascam, it made me want to experiment with recording conversations I stumble into spontaneously throughout my week. I’m not saying that I want to get away from long one on one interviews, I’m saying that I want to be able to let each episode develop itself weekly. Whether that be an hour interview with one person, a few short chats with different people, or an episode where I talk about what’s on my mind. Originally I modeled the podcast after WTF with Marc Maron, and talking to creative friends was a great starting point. Now I would like to incorporate more of myself into each episode, like Marons’ intros or the Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr. I tend to overthink ideas in my head and before I can finish one version it’s morphed into something else. Instead of thinking ideas to death, I just need to talk things out on the mic. That’s the appeal of podcasting, sometimes the best episodes are unfiltered and off the cuff. I currently have some material recorded with other people and I’ll add some of my content for the first episode of 2015.

P.S. Now that I’m reading this back I realize I probably would’ve just said all this on the podcast. Oh well, I need a blog entry and this is already written.

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