1/15/15 Ep2

It’s December 15th, and I’ve got the day after recording jitterations and nervousvations. For episode 2 ,I recorded 30 minutes with Trey Wilson and another 30 minutes solo. I have no idea what the stuff sounds like with Trey, and I’m a bit nervous because I had some really long awkward pauses in the convo (at least I thought). Not that it’s ruined, well actually I have no idea because I didn’t listen to it, but I think I left some rough edges on there. After talking to Trey, I fucked off and didn’t record my solo material over the weekend, instead I waited until last night, which sort of became the theme for my solo talk. After recording my solo bit, I didn’t have a chance to listen to it back either because I finished recording at 7:29 and David got here at 7:34, so I was cutting it close. While I was recording, Jordan from Petty Things called to let me know he finished making some buttons for me, so I told him to drop em by. He ended up knocking while I was finishing up, but he was able to help me out with the outro and a delightful “commercial” for the buttons. Anyway, I ended up handing David (Tha Produca!) a flash drive with a clusterfuck of talking on it, so let’s see what he does with that. I hit up Ian for a little tutorial on web management so I can keep up with the page, but it turns out Huckleberry is playing at Yucca tonight in an hour. So I think I’ll go to see them and get my web master training… tomorrow? Saturday? Sunday? Monday? Tues…ok i get it. Shit, Ian just texted, he’s coming to pick me up right now, alright I’m posting this. Episode 2 very soon…

PS. I actually didn’t post this before leaving cause I didn’t know the website password. But when I left I did go see Huckleberry at Yucca and they were rad. After that I got a ride to Palo Verde and caught Ladybird and Woundvac sets, both were sick. Alright, I love ya, I’ll see ya soon, buh bye.

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